Team Galveston

Our Friendly And Caring Staff

In order to provide the highest level of service, a doctor must surround himself with a staff that is competent, warm and friendly. At Today's Dentistry, we pride ourselves on making the patient our first priority. Our team of quality individuals is here to provide the finest care and service for their patients. You will definitely feel the difference!

Kim - Office Administrator

Kim has been with us for 26 years and she is our "Get 'Er Done Girl." We love Kim's positive outlook and she has been instrumental in helping Dr. Carroll get the new League City office going while helping us move back into the Galveston building after rebuilding after Hurricane Ike. Many a night and early morning transferring files and dental supplies back and forth from storage in order to keep going during the storm relocation process and never a complaint from Kim! Both the patients and the staff love Kim's ability to come up with solutions!

Sherry - Front Desk Staff

Sherry comes to us with many years in customer service and came on board after Today's Dentistry moved back to the Island after Hurricane Ike – We love her smiling face at the front desk.

Susan - Patient Public Relations Coordinator

Susan has been with us for three years after retiring as a GISD teacher. Susan will schedule all of your cleanings and check-ups, and when you get a message from Susan you know it's that time! Susan also handles all of our internet communications and functions as well as ensures our patients leave the office with a smile on their face every time!

Jennifer - Patient Finance Coordinator

Jennifer has been with us for a little over a year after we moved back in from Hurricane Ike. Jennifer worked many years in customer service and will be glad to help you with your insurance.

Team Galveston TeamDebra - Assisting Staff

Debra who worked with us before the storm for over 15 years, is back and we are so glad to have her experienced hands back.

Amy - Assisting Staff
Amy has been with us since she was a teenager for 15 years and has done all aspects of the dental office and we love her caring touch with the patients!

Rosa - Assisting Staff
Rosa, Dr. Carroll's right hand, is a retired Military dental assistant, and has been with us for four years.
Miranda - Assisting Staff

Miranda came to us after relocating after the storm and has several years prior dental experience. Her patients love her infectious smile and so will you!

Maria - Assisting Staff

Maria is our team leader and she has worked with the office for eight years and has 10 years assisting experience.

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