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Air AbrasionAir abrasion is a drill-less and more gentle approach to remove decay from the teeth. An air abrasion unit is a small instrument that blasts a fine stream of air and particles onto the teeth to spray away decay. The small particles are made of silica, aluminum oxide or baking soda and aid in cleaning the tooth surface. Air abrasion allows for decay to quickly be removed while conserving healthy tooth structure. The particles and decay are then suctioned out of the mouth.   If you are afraid of the drill air abrasion can be less "scary" and is less noisy.  In addition, we want to save as much of the natural tooth structure of your original tooth as possible. Air Abrasion - League City and Galveston Dentist

Air abrasion is gentle because it generates no heat, sound, pressure or vibration. In addition, it reduces the need for anesthesia, making it an ideal choice for children and those who experience dental anxiety. We can give you a beautiful smile using the latest in technology, experienced staff and caring dentists. Air Abrasion - League City and Galveston Dentist

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