Dentures & Missing Teeth

Dentures & Missing Teeth – League City and Galveston, Tx

Dentures & Missing Teeth – League City and Galveston, Tx  At Today’s Dentistry, Dr. Carroll and his associate dentists will provide you several options for replacing missing teeth. Once the teeth are missing due to decay, bone loss (Periodontal Disease), or fracture we can replace teeth with removable bridges or dentures for the complete edentulous (without teeth) patient.


Secure Teeth for a Happy Confident Smile!


Dentures & Missing Teeth – League City and Galveston, Tx. Dentures without implant support is the most cost “friendly” procedure. Some dental offices provide a “rush” denture service in which an impression is take and the dentures delivered on the next appointment. At Today’s Dentistry we pride ourselves in the latest Denture technologies such as ultra suction Dentures and take the time to provide the patient as comfortable and stable a denture as possible. We take seriously the patients personal pride and dignity in having teeth and respect their privacy during their stay in our office. The first appointment will be impressions, measurement of the height of the bone, occlusal studies, etc. The next appointment is a custom tray for a more customized impression. Then the patient comes back yet again to try in teeth that are set in wax so that the patient can see if they are happy with the shape, size, color and position of the teeth. At the next appointment if there are no modifications, we will deliver the final denture. We will take the time to make sure you get the best available esthetics and fit.                                 Make An Appointment Now!

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Implant Supported Denture for Secure Teeth!

Implant Supported Denture – Are your Dentures Loose and Slipping?

Dentures & Missing Teeth – League City and Galveston, Tx – A better treatment option for the patient completely without teeth is an implant supported denture. Dr. Carroll has extensive training in the field of implant dentistry and can provide several options if you are a good candidate for giving you teeth that are fixed in the mouth and don’t move about when chewing, talking, laughing or enjoying life!

Dentures AfterWe have beautiful state of the art surgical ops where we place the implants to support your fixed denture. Implants provide a tremendous increase in biting pressure by transmitting the force into the jaw bone via the dental implant instead of into the soft tissue or gum tissue. A long term denture wearer can bite with as little as 15 pounds per square inch whereas natural biting forces through natural teeth or implant can approach 300 pounds per square inch. Implants stabilize the remaining jaw bone by stimulating under biting pressure just as if there were natural teeth present. “The most appreciative patient I have ever had was an older lady who had gone without her dentures for 30 years (as they were extremely painful). After her surgery her entire family came to the office to celebrate her new teeth with her!”

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Dr Carroll is a fellow in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry

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