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SterilizationAt Today’s Dentistry we believe in the latest sterilization techniques in order to provide a comfortable and safe experience.

We have an open sterilization area that the patients can feel free to walk into and see the process in the works.

Proper sterilization is a four step process in which the staff first uses a speed ultrasonic cleaner on all of the instruments.

The second step is hand scrubbing instruments and packaging them into sealed bags with sterilization indicator tape. The Third step is sterilization under high pressure steam in the Autoclave.

Last, we remove the instruments, dry them and place them in bins for use in the next procedures. Handpieces are sterilized in a special handpiece sterilizer which again cleans, lubricates, pressure steam sterilizes, and air dries the handpieces. Please feel free to ask a staff member to show you how we keep you safe!

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